Free Kashi Frozen Entree



       Go here to get a free Kashi Frozen Entree.


Michelob Beer Rebate



I’ll tell you what. One of my favorite types of rebates are beer rebates. It is just awesome to get beer for free or for a reduced amount. Right now the rebate that Michelob has is pretty darn good.

You buy four Michelob 6-packs and get $15 back. And most of these beers range from $5.00 – $7.00 a 6-pack so you’re getting a really good deal.

The rebate forms can be found on the neck of a bottle of a 6-pack. I found them at Hy-Vee but I would guess that they’re at a bunch of stores.

Here’s a list of the Michelob beers that qualify: AmberBock, Honey Lager, Porter, Pale Ale, Dunkel Weisse, Shock Top, Stone Mill, Lager, Light, Ultra, Ultra Amber (my personal favorite), Ultra Lime Cactus, Ultra Tuscan Orange Grapefruit, Ultra Pomegranate Raspberry, Irish Red, and Hop Hound Amber Wheat Ale.

Thanks to my friend Joni for finding this sweet, thirst quenching deal.

Pop Chips


This is a new natural snack. It looks like Target carries them in the central Iowa area. Here‘s a $1.00 off coupon.

Free 32 oz. Fountain Soda from Kum & Go


Kum & Go is trying to find new names for their fountain cups. By taking this short survey on which cup names you like, they give you a coupon for a free 32 oz fountain soda. Me likey.

Kashi Cereal Bars for $0.50

If you still have some $2.00 off Kashi cereal bars coupons, you should get to Walmart because they are on sale for $2.50. I loaded up. There were coupons that were mailed out if you’re part of Vocal Point or you can print them here. All the ones that I have expire 2/28/09 so you’ll want to get on it this week.

Bald Eagles in DSM


Evidently bald eagles stop along the Des Moines River this time of year. I had to take advantage of the beautiful weather today and check them out. My sister and I went to Cottonwood Recreation Area near Saylorville Lake. There were TONS of bald eagles! You’ll have to look hard to see them since this picture is small, but there are 3 in the trees. (Look for white) It was amazing to see all of those awesome birds. My only wish is that my camera had better zoom. Someday.

Free Quizno’s Sub


Go here and fill out your info and Quizno’s will email you a coupon for a free small signature sub or snall every day value sub. The coupon will expire within 5 days of printing.

Country roads take me home

Those words from the late John Denver were so true for me today. I was on my way to a neighboring town to hit up the double coupon deals at Kmart and I decided to take some back roads that I had never been on before. After all, unemployment does afford you such luxuries as time, so why not take advantage of it. I took gravel roads the majority of the 1/2 hour trip and it was fantastic. My heart was filled with happiness as I drove by all the fields and farm houses. I’m not sure why today it was so gratifying to drive miles down the gravel, but it did my heart well.

Kmart Double Coupon Scores



I feel deprived since stores in our area don’t normally double coupons. Anytime that Kmart does I get super excited. The results aren’t always as grandiose as I would hope, but still I get some good stuff.

The coupon doubling started on Sunday and is happening all week long at Kmart. There are a few rules that you need to be aware of. They only double coupons worth $2.00 or less. There is a max of 25 coupons that you can use in one day and you can’t buy more than 4 of the same item. It’s a good idea to read this fine print on the store’s flyer so you’re prepared.

Here’s a breakdown of how I did:

Pepsi:   $4.39
– $2.00 coupon (from Pepsi & Frito Lay Rebate)
= $0.39
Old Spice Deodorant: $2.69
– $1.00 coupon off 2 (from 2/8/09 insert)
= $1.69 each
Secret Deodorant: $4.29
– $2.00 coupon (from 2/22/09 Red Plum insert)
= $0.29
John Frieda Frizz-Ease: $4.89
– $2.00 coupon (from free sample received in the mail)
= $0.89
Crest Pro-Health: $3.00
– $1.50 coupon (from 2/8/09 P&G insert)
= FREE!!
Gallon Robert’s Skim Milk (not pictured): $2.99
– $0.50 coupon (from 2/8/09 Smart Source insert)
=  $2.00

You can see what my friend at Deal Lovin’ Ladies found. Also, many times Hot Coupon World or some of those type forums give a pretty good list of what you may be able to match up with coupons. One is here. My problem is that usually our Kmart’s don’t carry very much here.

Walmart Freebies


Walmart is always handing out free samples. The good thing is they mail you the sample for free and many times there are even coupons to go along with the free sample. Thanks Walmart.

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